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What is my community?

What is my community?

What is my community?

People often talk about uplifting the community and define that community around where they live and work. Which, in almost all cases, is the same place. But what if it isn't? What if you live in one city and work in another, in different states? Then what constitutes your community?


I find myself thinking about this question a lot. I grew up in Western Ma, transplanted to Hartford, CT – where I've lived for roughly 15-years, and I work in Chicopee, MA. So, what is my community?


My community is simple: Helping those around me regardless of geography.


Serving on the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce Board allows me to think holistically about the community's professional and personal needs.


We maximize our impact to positively affect those around us through services such as passing out food at Lorraine's Soup Kitchen, organizing charity events, and networking with local businesses.


Through the board, I have fostered deeper connections with these business owners and The City while stretching my intellectual and emotional muscles. I've met a great group of people whose north star matches my own of kindness, empathy, and a sense of humor.


Even throughout a global pandemic, we remained connected through zoom meetings and emails. We adapted to our modernized world to keep people engaged and positive. The Chamber brought legislative coffees, social hours, and most importantly, laughter into make-shift offices, living rooms, and sun porches.


Yes, I've expanded my network while sitting on the Chicopee Chamber Board, but most importantly, I've had the chance to give back, learn from those around me, and help the neighborhood and businesses grow.

Katelyn is the Marketing & Communications Manager for First American Insurance Agency. She has a wide range of 

experience including branding strategy, content management, writing for the media, research, trade show organization and implementation and more. 


Katelyn holds a master's degree from The University of Hartford where she graduated Cum Laude.  In 2014 she received a Quest: Leadership Greater Hartford Award for leadership excellence. 


She works on the after-hours committee of the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce and is often in attendance at major events sponsored by First American Insurance Agency.


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